One of the most fundamentally crucial aspects of filmmaking is one you never get to see. The musical score, so important in establishing the tone and mood of your completed work, is less an icing on the cake than it is the batter that helps make it. It's a tricky process: as music enhances the narrative you wish to share, the difference between a score that works for your film and one that doesn't is profound. How do you find a piece of music that both fits correctly and is cost-effective?

Artlist was created by filmmakers who have asked that very question. Their solution? Give filmmakers at every level access to great music at an affordable annual subscription rate. The service has provided licensed music placement in every segment of the film industry, from major international companies to individual creators.

What does Artlist provide?

  • Over 4,000 top quality, trendsetting songs from hundreds of indie artists
  • Full and unlimited access to the site’s entire, constantly updating  musical catalog
  • A streamlined interface that fits into the creative workflow
  • Songs ranging in duration from 30 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Instrumental versions of most songs
  • Dozens of new features and functionalities

Artlist has truly revolutionized how filmmakers license their music and score their films. Since its launch out of beta in March 2017, over 60,000 users have come to rely on Artlist for their music needs. With a growth that is unmatched in the music licensing industry, their platform has become one of the biggest music resources available to today’s content creators.

Once you download a song with a subscription it's licensed to use forever—period.

If your project calls for mandolin & ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, strings, percussions, claps, or wind instruments (to name a few), Artlist has you covered. If you need the right acoustical fit for your footage of landscapes, nature, technology, food, education, weddings, travel, sport and fitness, or aerials, Artlist has options. Once you download a song with a subscription it's licensed to use forever—period.

What's included in an annual subscription ?

  • Use of the selected music in any project including commercial
  • Lifetime use for the songs you download
  • Music already pre-checked for YouTube monetization
  • New selections every month

With a valid license subscription you have unlimited access to the entire catalog of music for use in any private or commercial video production on any platform worldwide.

If you're struggling with music choices, or unsure of where to even begin, Artlist can help make that process less intimidating. For more information, click here.