If you're getting ready to shoot in sub-zero conditions or even just during your run-of-the-mill snowy winter's day, there are going to be a few things you'll want to prepare for. Extremely cold and wet weather can have a big impact on your gear (as well as on your own body), so knowing how these low temperatures affect your camera, lenses, and other pieces of equipment will help you plan ahead and stay out shooting longer. Tianran "TR" He from DigitalRev TV gives you eight tips for winter weather shooting in the video below.

TR spent some time capturing images in northern China where temperatures dipped as low as -4°F. He offered up the following tips for surviving such a frigid shoot.

  • Dress warmly: Your greatest instrument is your body and it's no good to you if it's frozen solid (or dying of hypothermia).
  • Buy a good pair of gloves: Get yourself some gloves that are warm, waterproof, and allow you to operate the tiny buttons on your camera.
  • Keep away from water: Water freezes in such cold weather, so stay away from it as much as you can.
  • Bring a Ziploc bag: If you're going in and out of cold and warm places (indoors and outdoors), put your camera in a Ziploc bag so any condensation will settle on the outside of the bag instead of on your camera.
  • Keep your batteries warm: Cold is like a vampire to a battery's lifeblood. Keep yours close to your body where it's warm rather than in your cold camera bag.
  • Keep your camera cold: A warm camera is going to fog up the moment it comes into contact with the cold outdoor weather, so it's best to keep it, well, cold.
  • Shoot in manual mode: Exposure and white balance can be tricky when shooting snow, so you might want to slightly overexpose to avoid grey snow. A custom white balance will help with that, too.
  • Bring a carbon fiber tripod: Because an aluminum one spells disaster for your warm, sweaty paws. If you don't have a carbon fiber tripod or if yours doesn't have foam covers, wrap some foam around the legs with some duct tape.

What are some other helpful tips for shooting in extreme cold? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: DigitalRev TV