StudioBinder has announced a new program that maps out key production phases for filmmakers and video producers.

Production Calendar, a tool that helps keep your shoots on track, collaborate with teams, and add tasks, will allow you to check the status of your project's various phases in an easy-to-use interface. You're able to design different calendar templates and easily filter calendar elements so you can see your most important tasks quickly and clearly.


Production Calendar includes a number of intuitive features that will serve your production workflow. You can break down productions into milestones—comprised of tasks—and assign tasks that can be updated/changed when schedule-altering events spring up. You can even share your professional-looking calendar with clients at a moment's notice.

Drag and drop schedulingDrag and drop scheduling makes it easy to adjust your calendar in seconds.Credit: StudioBinder

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Did weather force you to reschedule your site visit? With drag and drop scheduling, it's easy to update your production calendar. Simply click and drag events on your timeline in order to rearrange your ever-changing schedule. Without having to learn some complicated system or new program, the intuitive design frees you to make important changes instantly, taking mere minutes to create your production schedule and only seconds to change it.

Features built specifically for production workflowsCreate, organize, and manage your production calendar with lots of intuitive features designed specifically for production workflows.Credit: StudioBinder

Filtering Tools

Filtering tools let you focus on the pressing information that matters most. Use the filters to see projects you may have "on hold" or that "need review," filter by crew member to avoid scheduling conflicts, sort your projects by due dates, and use color-coding to make everything easy to understand at a glance. Filtering tools make it easy for you to get the view you need (and when you need it), whether it's for the upcoming month, week, or just today. 

Multiple projects all in one calendarNever double book your crew again.Credit: StudioBinder

Multiple Projects in One Calendar

Once you've organized, you can view each of your individual productions side-by-side in a consolidated calendar. You'll never double-book crew members or misallocate gear again. 

Production Calendar from StudioBinder is an easy-to-use, aesthetically-pleasing way to organize and plan your productions. The fact that it's been designed with filmmakers in mind makes it uniquely suited to keep you focused and your projects moving along.

Production Calendar is available with StudioBinder's Professional and Studio packages at $49 and $85 per month, respectively.