I. Love. Filmmaking. Gadgets. I friggin' love 'em. I dedicate an entire write up about them at the end of every year because I love 'em so much and you know what, I know you love 'em, too. That's why I know this video by Weird Lens Maestro Mathieu Stern is going to tickle every fancy in your fancy little body. He has compiled a collection of gadgets for filmmakers that are small, very useful, and best of all, 3D printable. He even provides all of the .STL files for free, so you can download each model and 3D print to your heart's content.

Now, these little gadgets range from fun and amusing to integral and valuable. You've got the stylishly useful golden ratio keychain and the usefully stylish mountain SD card holder, but you also have the camera mounting screw and front and rear lens caps that will definitely come in handy when one or all of those inevitably go missing at some point.

Here's the list of all of the 3D-printed tools mentioned in Stern's video, complete with links to the .STL files so you can go and download them for free.

If you currently have a 3D printer, you're probably going to have a lovely few days printing this stuff out. If you don't, well, the cost of going to a shop that will print them off for you is most likely going to cost you more than if you were to just buy one new or make one out of stuff from your house. (Unfortunately, the 3D printing market hasn't adjusted to make this very affordable for consumers quite yet.)

Another option, of course, is to go out and purchase your own 3D printer, which can actually be a great investment for a DIY filmmaker. The Cetus 3D printer, like the one Stern uses in the video, only costs $300 with $20 PLA filaments. 

Whether you're ready to print or not, you should download the .STL files for the models anyway while they're still free and available!

Source: Mathieu Stern