While the film vs. digital debate continues to rage on with filmmakers, many have been surprised that prominent Japanese digital camera and lens manufacturer, Fujifilm, has kept "film" in their name, since they are best known at this point for making digital cameras. In a stunning announcement, the company has announced they are official rebranding as "FujiBlockChain."

Shutterstock_10640116FujiBlockChain team of Blockchain expertsCredit: Shutterstock

This rebranding also markets a pivot for the company itself, as they will be expanding their camera and lens business to additionally include financial services, data storage, social networking, data mining, banking and cryptography services all built around the power of blockchain technology. To this end, they have hired 4 undergraduate students who recently dropped out of the University of Phoenix who are "total blockchain experts," to help build out the technology. "The applications are limitless. This is going to change the very fabric of the universe. It's gonna change the air we breathe," said a joint release from the new hires, who average in age at 19 and spend an average of 32 minutes outside per day. "If we're going to use more energy than the entire country of Denmark mining Bitcoin, we really need to hurry up and find new uses for this tech outside of speculation and buying drugs.  We're hoping that by working with Fuji we can figure that out."

Kodakcoin_0_0Credit: Kodak

The full name of the new company is FujiBlockChainAutomatedCarNanotube, but they have announced that FujiBlockChain is their preferred "nickname" for ease of use in conversation. The consensus in the film industry is that this is a wise move. "FujiBlockChain still rolls off the tongue more easily than 'Kodakcoin.'  Why did they keep that second K?  It should be Koda-coin," said virtually everyone asked about the change.  "Also, FBC will be a fun abbreviation." 

"We are confident that this is a robust technology that will truly power innovation, and this isn't just a branding exercise or cash grab for us like it was with that Iced Tea Company," said one Fuji spokesperson.