Moment, the company that has been providing high-quality glass for smartphone filmmaking since 2014, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to introduce a brand new collection of gear tailored for filmmakers looking to capture more cinematic images.

The Moment Filmmaker Collection consists of four new products, including a battery photo case, a gimbal counterweight, and a 62mm filter mount. However, the most exciting piece included in the collection (and the reason we're all here) is a $150 anamorphic lens that will produce more the horizontal lens flares and oval-shaped bokeh balls than you can shake a monopod at.

Check out Moment's campaign video below to learn more:

Moment lenses are truly great, well-made, robust smartphone lenses, in my opinion. Having backed their first campaign back in 2014, swooping up one of their wide and tele lenses, I can say that I've been very pleased with the images that have come out of my phone. (In fact, I kept my old iPhone 5s around just so I could keep shooting with them.) So, suffice it to say that I'm personally looking forward to get my hands on one of these things before the campaign ends to see how it fares in the real world. And no, this isn't an ad for Moment; they just made really, really good smartphone lenses that work well for making films.

It's especially exciting to see Moment zeroing in on their filmmaker user base and giving them something that no one other than Moondog Labs has given them: a lens that lets them shoot anamorphic. (Seriously, the anamorphic lens from Moondog Labs is amazing, too...I've shot with one for several years. Sean Baker used one to shoot Tangerine, so you should definitely check it out.)

Two YouTube filmmakers that we like to cover a lot, Peter McKinnon and Matti Haapoja, got to get up close and personal with the Moment anamorphic lens and decided to release their own videos today that not only put the lens to the test but also go over what all the fuss is about when it comes to shooting anamorphic. Check both videos out below:

Tech Specs

  • Magnification : 1.33x Horizontal Squeeze 
  • Aspect Ratio (video) after de-squeeze: 2.40:1 Cinemascope
  • Lateral Color: Minimized
  • Distortion: Yes please
  • Flare: Vintage style anti-reflection coatings create desirable horizontal flares
  • Orientation: Unidirectional — Mount can be rotated 90 degrees depending on mobile device





The items in the Moment Filmmaker Collection are not super cheap but you can get some Earlybird deals if you make a pledge on the Kickstarter. The anamorphic lens by itself will go for $150 retail, however you can get it for $119 if you order before the end of the campaign. Another option for those who are wanting to just dive headfirst into mobile filmmaking is choosing the "Everything Kit" reward, which, for $1000, gets you the entire Filmmaker Collection (anamorphic lens, battery photo case, gimbal counterbalance 2.0, and filter mount), as well as $1500 store credit to choose Moment add-ons, including other Moment lenses.

Head on over to Moment's Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

Source: Kickstarter