Tiffen has released two new products, the Steadicam Air Monopod and the M-1 Volt. The Air Monopod uses a gas lift spring through a foot lever located on the bottom of the monopod. This creates quick and easy adjustments in height. The twist leg lock allows for 360 degrees of rotation. This carbon fiber monopod comes in two weight capacities, the AIR-15 (15lb), which will be released in June, and the AIR-25 (25lb), which is out now. The AIR-25 monopod is priced at $499 while the AIR-15 monopod will be $399. 

The M-1 Volt is a horizon assisting tool that takes a little stress off Steadicam operators so they can focus more on getting the shot they want rather than getting the shot right. The M-1 Volt integrates seamlessly into the existing M-1 sled. It weighs only 2lbs, so it doesn't get in the way of the camera operator. Not only can it maintain a level horizon but can also hold a tilt angle. It is the perfect addition to your M-1 Sled. 

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