Many aspect ratios were experimented with, but 2.39x1 was eventually settled on as the "standard" widescreen aspect ratio in the heydey of trying to get viewers away from their TV and back in the theaters. One of the most famous was Ultra Panavision 70, which gave viewers a native 2.76x1 aspect ratio, known for celluloid shot projects like Ben Hur and The Hateful Eight. 

Panavision has a new line of lenses to make capturing natively in that aspect ratio easier than ever with the new Ultra-Vista lenses designed to work with the DXL2 line of digital cinema cameras. These use a 1.6 squeeze, since the original aspect ratio of the native sensor is no longer 1.33, and are sure to be popular not just on massive cinema epics but also music videos and commercials looking for a more diverse look. On top of that, Panavision rolled out new Primo-X sealed element lenses with no rings and an LCD screen, and more at a huge Cinegear for the Woodland Hills-based firm. See it all in the video above.