Who loves filmmaking hacks? Everyone and their Aunt Linda whose Facebook statuses are almost always intended to be Google searches (true story...learn Facebook, Auntie!). This one that comes from Dave Knop (a.k.a. knoptop) is a real winner because 1.) we all have one lying around, 2.) they have incredible repurposability, and 3.) they usually smell delightful (before they're used for their designated purpose, of course). So, what's the hack? Trash bags, my friend. Trash bags. Find out how you can MacGyver them for filmmaking in the video below.

Trash bags aren't new to the filmmaking hack scene, but they're usually repurposed as makeshift water/rain protectors for your camera. That's all well and good, but knoptop comes up with some seriously creative ideas for putting these things to work on your set. Here's a list of the hacks he goes over int he video. (Remember, he's talking about white trash bags specifically.)

  • Window diffuser: Throw a garbage bag over a window to diffuse that harsh sunlight coming in.
  • Light reflector:  Trash bags aren't a bad stand-in for a bounce board.
  • Ground protector: Need to lay your stuff on the dirty/wet ground? Throw down a garbage bag, my man.
  • Rain protection: Rain isn't your camera's friend. Throw it, your lenses, or your entire gear bag into a trash bag and run for cover.
  • Rain foley sounds: By far the greatest moment in the video...and trash bags totally make a decent rain sound effect.
  • White balance:  Need to white balance? A white trash bag might do the trick in a pinch.
  • Sandbag: Fill up your trash bag with sand, rocks, or whatever you've got lying around and make a DIY sandbag.
  • DIY china ball: Who doesn't love this friggin' hack? Blow some of your hot, Ramen-smellin' breath into a trash bag and mount it over your LED lights. (Do NOT put it over hot studio lights, love. You'll melt your ish big time.)

What are some other handy and creative hacks you can do with a white trash bag? Let us know down below!

Source: knoptop