Audio swells—when's the last time you watched a movie, TV show, or YouTube video that didn't have one? They're as ubiquitous as a Starbucks cup in DC but unlike the overpriced frothy brews served to the thirsty masses in our nation's capital, getting your hands on one won't swallow up your entire lunch break. In this tutorial, Zach Ramelan of PremiumBeat shows you how to use your existing music track to create your very own audio swells in just a few steps. Check it out below:

Right? Literally one of the easiest things you'll ever do when editing audio. The first thing you'll need is a piece of music that has all the pieces you'll need: a nice, smooth fade-out from a crescendo (when the music gets very intense and loud). Once you have your music, head into your editor and cut the last bit of the track somewhere near the beginning or middle of the crescendo (depending on your song), and then throw that new clip onto another track. It should be something like 10 to 15 seconds.

From there, use the Speed Duration drop down to reverse the clip. That's it! Now you've got an audio swell that 1.) matches your music (because it comes from your music), 2.) sounds good and professional, and 3.) barely took any time to create. You can use this thing to transition between scenes or sequences, ramping up excitement and grabbing your audience's attention in the process.

Source: PremiumBeat