Today, Insta360 released EVO, the highly portable action camera designed to allow you to capture your adventures three-dimensionally in 180 degrees, and in fully immersive 360 degrees.

The EVO has a dual-lens configuration for capturing video in up to 5.7K and 18MP photos and it features a new folding design that allows you to configure it to capture the action in 180 3D, or in 360 degrees. FlowState stabilization brings gimbal-like stability to the footage you capture with EVO and you can even watch live previews of what you're shooting with several VR headsets, including Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, and, later this month, HTC Vive Focus.

In addition to its ability to live-preview in a headset, Insta360 has a new playback enhancement it's announcing with EVO that will let you watch your 3D footage on your phone with your naked eye. Using the included HoloFrame smartphone screen adapter by Mopic, you'll be able to watch your 180 degree 3D footage on your phone without the need for special glasses, meaning you can instantly share the experience with whomever you're with. 

Like its predecessor, the OneX, EVO can capture HDR photos and video and has also retained Insta360's popular TimeShift modes allowing you to bend time and space and to create energetic hyper-lapses and buttery-smooth slow-motion sequences all with a shoot first, frame-later approach using the companion app. As with previous apps, once you're done editing, you can share your creations on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Pricing and Availability

EVO is priced at 419.99 and is available today worldwide.

Tech Specs

Maximum Aperture: f/2.2

Photo Resolution: 6080 x 3040 (18 MP)

Video Resolution: 5760 x 2880 @ 30fps, 3840 x 1920 @ 50fps, 3840 x 1920 @ 30fps, 3008 x 1504 @ 100fps

Photo Format: Insp, Jpeg, LOG

Video Codec: h.264

Video Bitrate: Up to 100Mbps

Stabilization: Built-In 6-Axis Gyroscopic

Photo Modes: Standard, Timed, Interval, RAW, HDR

Video Modes: Standard, Time-Lapse, LOG, HDR

Expected Battery Life: 65 Minutes

Charge Time: 90 Minutes

For full specs and compatibility, visit Insta360