Designed to help give an additional method for controlling critical camera settings externally, the SmallHD's new Camera Control Menu appears as an overlay on the video feed, customizable through SmallHD's "Page" system. Pages gives the user access to sets of tools (framing, exposure, focus, etc) in a simple layout. Starting with ARRI Amira, ARRI Alexa Mini and Mini LF support, other camera support will be added later.

Watch our hands-on interview with SmallHD from the NAB 2019 floor here.

Here's what we know so far:

  • 1920x1080p display
  • 1800 nits
  • 100% DCI-P3
  • 1/4 20" mounting points
  • SG-SDI inputs and outputs
  • Interchangeable battery brackets (Gold mount, V-mount, Sony L)
  • Ethernet port for camera control
  • Cine 7 Base Model: $1799
  • Cine 7 Bolt 500 RX: $2749
  • Cine 7 Bolt 500 TX: $2749
  • Cine 7 Bolt Sidekick: $3699
  • ARRI Camera Control License: $500
  • Shipping April 2019
  • RED & Sony camera control coming soon...

SmallHD Cine7 Monitor

Stay tuned for more announcements from the show floor at NAB 2019.

Source: SmallHD