Yet again, Gordon Laing over at Cameralabs has the scoop on a new unreleased camera. This time, he's been given a look at the Canon EOS R3 via what appears to be a pre-production model.

From the look of things, the form-factor appears almost functionally identical to the EOS 1DX Mark III, just a little smaller, mirrorless, and with a more video-oriented spin. Using the same built-in portrait style grip, as well as the really nifty optical joystick controller, and even the same batteries—this camera seems to be a great companion to the 1DX Mark III.

There are a few pretty notable features that have been rumored about this camera, namely being internal RAW 4K recording (which is said to max out at 30fps, unfortunately), as well as a down-sampled 6K resolution sensor for super crisp 4K video.

The most exciting thing I've heard about this camera so far is that Canon has mentioned some sort of eye-tracking that would shift the auto-focus search area of the camera when using the viewfinder. This would be a huge feature and would allow Canon to continue to sit atop the list as the best camera manufacturer for top-notch auto-focus capabilities (in my humble opinion).

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Source: Gordon Laing