First developed by Academy Award® winning Austrian DP Christian Berger (The White Ribbon, Caché, The Piano Teacher) as a way to achieve a natural key light and control soft light without flags and stands, the Cine Reflect Lighting System has had a long journey since its debut earlier last year. The system is built from a combination of punchy sources (usually daylight, usually mounted low or high) and highly efficient aluminum reflectors (97% light transmission without color shift). Jakob Ballinger — Berger's gaffer for the last nine years — has now brought the system to an accessible and affordable kits and is spreading the philosophy of minimalist lighting techniques for film & television.

CRLS reflectors are stand mountable and come in these standard sizings(cm): 7×7, 15×15, 25×25, 50×50, 100×100 (with custom sizes available upon request). They come in four diffusion levels:


Black (minimum), used for: Redirecting light to another C-Reflector instead of adding a new source / Hard spills of light in tungsten and daylight environment.

Blue (median), used for: Skylight simulation / Directed-diffused light with a punch.

Violet (medium), used for: Powerful diffused light / Beautiful shadow renderings in close-ups / Fill light with some punch.

White (maximum), used for: Fill light / Cloudy day simulation without losing direction / Beauty light.

This system has been in the works for many years and is only now starting to really turn heads. At first only availably exclusively through BB&S Lighting in LA, you can expect the system to be carried by B&H, AbelCine and other major retailers soon.

Jakob Ballinger and Christian Berger in CRLSBallinger and BergerCredit: The Lightbridge Instagram

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