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Sony Makes Pro Appeal with New High-Performing CFast Cards

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'Get Out' Takes the Night With 3 Wins at the 2017 Gotham Awards

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6 Pragmatic Screenwriting Tips From the Writers of 'The Big Sick', 'Get Out' and More

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Feature Focus: New After Effects Keyboard Shortcut Map is Easy on the Eyes

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This USB Drive Is a Perfect Miniature Replica of a Canon IV SB Rangefinder Camera

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7 Must-Have Filmmaking Items That Will Cost You Less than $20

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Why the Director of Cult Favorite 'ThanksKilling' Argues There's Virtue in Making 'Bad Movies'

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Cyber Monday Deals For Frugal Filmmakers

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Moment's Counterweight Makes Osmo Mobile the First Gimbal to Support Attachable Lenses

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OK GO Dazzles Again With 567 Printers Synced Together in Choreographed Technical Wizardry

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Download Screenplays for 'Logan', 'Guardians Vol. 2' and More Award Contenders

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A Pre-to-Post Primer on Documentary Filmmaking

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A Basic Breakdown of How Lights Change the Look of Your Subject

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Watch: Essential Advice for First-Time Filmmakers

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Wait...Is 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Actually a Thanksgiving Movie?

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How to Create a Glitch Effect in Premiere Pro in Under 2 Minutes

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How the FCC is Screwing Filmmakers & Your Best Black Friday Deals [PODCAST]

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11 Brilliant Native American Films to Watch This Thanksgiving

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How to Shoot B-Roll That Doesn't Suck

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Shooting for the Edit: How to Give Your Film Style Before You Ever Hit Record

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Black Friday Deals Filmmakers Will Love

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Three Critical Steps to Take Before Launching Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

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REVIEW: DJI's Zenmuse X7 is Hands Down the Best Camera for Aerial Cinematography Under $10K

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6 Pro Tips for Shooting Beyond Your Borders

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8 Scouting Tips from a Veteran Location Manager

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Can Documentary Films Ever Be Viable for Financiers?

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