If you haven't heard of Netflix's instant cult classic, Bird Box, I guess this is as good an intro as any.

People have decided to start doing the Bird Box challenge, which just means they are blindfolding themselves and going about their days. 

To be fair to Bird Box, it has managed to capture everyone's attention and imagination. A concept as simple as needing to be blindfolded has inspired tons of interest in the project, and the thing has literally taken the internet by storm. 

Netflix continues to build its empire by recognizing what people respond to and why. You can be the brain trust and algorithms are churning already. Don't be surprised if the next season of The Ranch features everyone blindfolded. 

God help us. 

According to Tubefilter, Netflix has tweeted a warning... maybe even more of a plea, that people not partake in the Bird Box challenge.

The Bird Box Challenge

This video about doing the Bird Box challenge has already amassed 2 million views. It seems like something reaches a special level of popularity when it inspires people do things like dance in the street next to a moving car. Or wander around blindfolded. Should we be proud? Excited? Depressed? 

Probably depressed. 

Let's focus on the positive though. Bird Box is a huge win for director Susanne Bier. While Netflix continues to seed the ground with content from major players like Scorsese and the Coen Brothers, seeing interesting original projects like this one hit a homer with an accomplished but less recognized director is good news for us all. 

So long as we don't do the Bird Box challenge.