If you browse the internet long enough - especially if that includes staying logged in on Reddit following subs like /r/filmmakers and /r/videography - a lot of the content begins to run together. People are always looking for help deciding on which camera to buy, what gear to use, and countless price point comparisons that they’ve (often it seems) arbitrarily pieced together.

I’m hoping against hope that Redditor /u/Gidremuze316 was doing their best online trolling when asking /r/videography the following: “Hey guys getting into video, should I get the Canon 7D markii or an Arri Alexa?

They would go on to clarify that: “I'm looking for something with the best low light thanks.

To be fair, you see questions like this quite often and using forums like Reddit or the like can actually often be helpful when deciding between more practically similar options - like, say, choosing between a GH5 or a Sony A7 III or whatever might be in your price range.

However, what follows is one of the best sendup roasts of camera consuming filmmaking culture that has been seen online in a long time. Here are some highlights…


"100% canon. Arri maybe good but I only hear about canon colors and not Arri colors on forums. That color science just can’t be beat!!!"


"For the best low light I recommend a standard webcam, preferably 720p for the highest HD possible"


"Probably should look into NASA Zeiss set to for the bokeh"


"If you get an iPhone, it’s a good B cam to a Monstro"


"I was feeling torn between a used Honda Civic and a new Boeing jet…"


"Well, firstly, the 7D is way cheaper than the Arri Alexa by thousands of dollars. You also have to buy your own lenses, microphone, stuff like that. And good gear too. Don't just slap a kit lens on a camera that expensive. Most come with just the body for more than $50,000. And unless you're shooting a high budget TV Show or a movie, there's no reason to get one. However, from my experience using Canon cameras, they tend to not handle well in lowlight. However, as other people have said, the Canon Color Science is fantastic. My personal opinion? Look into the A6 or A7 series, especially the A6300 and A6500. They perform quite well in lowlight from my experience and they're pretty cheap, considering what they're capable of."


               "Kudos for answering seriously but I’m pretty sure this was a shitpost."

It's a little amazing how evenly split it appears between people jumping in on the trolling versus seeing it as an actual question looking for advice. Which might say more for the generous nature of the community, than it does for the absurdity of the decision.

But regardless, what would you recommend between the Canon 7D mk II or the Arri Alexa?

Source: Reddit