In the age of online video tutorials on Youtube, there’s never been a better time to be a “do-it-yourself” filmmaker. From lighting kits to camera rigs to any number of creative DIY solutions in between, you’d be amazed what one can accomplish with a little gumption and access to a local hardware store.

Let’s look at three in-depth video tutorials to help you build out your very own DIY lighting kits with these creative down-and-dirty solutions.

DIY Hacks and Builds

In this video by Logan Baker at Shutterstock Tutorials, we get a peek behind the scenes at how some of these creative DIY filmmaking builds are problem solved and creative. While not just pertained to DIY lighting, we do learn how to make some awesome additions to any filmmaker’s toolkit with some creative “pizza pan” and vanity lighting setups. Here are the seven DIY creations contained in the video above.

  • Pizza Pan Light

  • Candle Lights

  • Vanity Light Strip

  • Build Your Own Dimmer

  • Quacker Clamp

  • Articulating Arm Clamp

  • Hi-Hat Camera Rig

DIY Lighting for Under $50

The great Peter McKinnon drops some more indie filmmaking knowledge by showing how to create a simple (yet professional looking) DIY lighting setup for less than 50 bucks. While your professional standard 3-point lighting kits will always be ideal, this is a great example of how your regular over-the-counter supplies can be an effective DIY option for simple vlog and interview setups.

Household DIY Lighting Uses

In a behind-the-scenes look from the guys at The Film Look, we get a glimpse into how regular household lighting options can be just as powerful solutions for even the most of cinematic looks. You can read more about their setup here, but it’s worth noting that all types of household items can be used to create cinematic lighting with the right ingenuity (like this here too).

Stay tuned to No Film School for more DIY and lighting tips and tricks!