It’d be fair to say that we’re big fans of David Lynch here at No Film School. From going inside his directorial process, to wearing his art on t-shirts, to watching him lose his shit on the set of Twin Peaks: Season 3, if the man has something to say, chances are we’ll be willing to listen.

So, when we heard the news that Lynch was going to the route of past film icons Spike Lee, Werner Herzog and Jodie Foster to release a MasterClass series of his own. We were down from the get-go.

Now, the long wait is over and the David Lynch MasterClass is live! Here’s everything you’ll find inside.

David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

Similar to other MasterClass offerings, Lynch breaks down his approach to filmmaking in a systematic, hands-on style that takes you through everything from creative ideation to working with actors on set to production and postproduction approaches.

His goal for the class is to deconstruct “his process for catching new ideas and allowing them to guide each step in bringing his vision to the screen.”

The MasterClass series includes over 12 lessons including:

  • Attracting powerful ideas

  • David’s creative process

  • Writing screenplays

  • Guerilla filmmaking

  • Casting and working with actors

  • Production design

  • Lighting and cinematography

  • Post-production techniques

  • Music and sound design

  • Moving beyond traditional storytelling

To dive into Lynch’s teachings, you’ll need to “enroll” on the MasterClass website here. Single class options are priced at $90, while you can get “All-Access” pass to all MasterClasses for a $180 yearly subscription.