Both Stanley Kubrick and Terry Gilliam are widely known as two directors who like things to happen their way. Kubrick was obsessive about the detail, and anyone who has watched the behind the scenes special features from 12 Monkeys knows that Gilliam cares about a hamster wheel moving in the background.   

Kubrick passed away before the new century and we sadly lost a lot of the projects he never got around to making. 

Gilliam has made a career out of chasing his most insane ideas, finally finishing his Don Quixote movie a few years ago. You'd think Gilliam had learned his lesson and would be pursuing easier assignments, but that's not the case. Now, he's chasing Kubrick. 

"I was doing a film that was originally an idea by Stanley Kubrick," Gilliam said of the Kubrick-inspired project as part of a new interview with the Ventotene Film Festival. "There was a script, and I had a cast, but the lockdown has ruined everything," he added.

That's right, Gilliam's next film is based on an original Stanley Kubrick idea. 

This is not new ground for Gilliam. He was lined up to direct a sequel to Dr. Strangelove titled Son of Strangelove in 1995, but Kubrick's death altered those plans. "I never knew about [the project] until after [Kubrick] died, but I would have loved to," Gilliam once commented.

While the specific details of his new film remain unknown, Gilliam confirmed that he has a script and cast established for the yet-untitled project. So we have an untitled, no hints on plot, Kubrick by way of Gilliam movie happening soon... soon as the pandemic ends and it is safe to shoot. We'll keep an eye on the details of this story and try to update you as information becomes available. My gut says it's probably not Napolean, but you never know with Gilliam. 

Do you have any theories about which Kubrick idea he might be tackling? Let us know in the comments.