Jordan Peele is a worker. The guy came up through the sketch comedy rankings, finally got recognition for Key and Peele, and now is gracing our eyeballs and brains with the best thriller movies since the Shyamalan heyday...or maybe even since Hitchcock. 

I love reading advice from writers who have struggled and now are creating original ideas on screen. Thankfully, a YouTuber named Tyler Mowery took the time to compile all of Jordan Peele's advice on writing and drop it over the clips of Get Out that he's referencing.

It's really helpful to hear how Peele has FUN while writing. A lot of his advice comes back to what he cares about and what would get him to go to the movies. If you write like an audience member, then you'll always have the entertainment factor covered. Being entertaining can get your work noticed and produced, as it did for Peele. 

He also doesn't shy away from controversy. His movies are ABOUT SOMETHING. 

When you're thrilling the audience, it can help to scare them with something they fear about society or something they fear about themselves. 

That means you can't shy away from talking about the uncomfortable parts of life. Because the real world is scary.  

That's all great advice. 

Check out the full video from Tyler Mowery below. 

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I can't wait to see what you write next! 

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