Nikon’s new full frame Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras are getting some good early reviews and making quite a buzz in the industry. Still, one qualm many have with the two new mirrorless offerings is their lack of in-camera LOG video recording capabilities. Luckily, EOSHD has just dropped a new Z-LOG download which you can use to record LOG format in-camera for all your color grading and LUT-ing up needs.

Let’s look at this new Z-LOG and how to get it working on your Nikon Z7 or Z6.

EOSHD Introduces Nikon Z-LOG

To compete directly with internal LOG recording cameras like the Panasonic GH5 and the Sony A7 III, EOSHD’s Z-LOG adds internal LOG recording to rival those of Sony’s S-LOG, Canon C-LOG and Panasonic V-LOG. This new Z-LOG (which works with 4K video recording) helps with everything from turning off Nikon’s digital sharpening algorithm to adding flatness / dynamic range to adding cinematic LUTs to instantly drop onto your footage.

And it’s not just for the the Nikon Z7 and Z6 either, here is the full list of Nikon cameras which can support Z-LOG:

  • Nikon Z7 and Z6 mirrorless cameras

  • Nikon D850 / D810 / D750

  • Nikon D500 and D7500

  • Nikon D5 / D4 / D4S

  • Nikon D5300/5500/5600

  • Nikon D7200, D7100

The Nikon Z-LOG Styles

When you download and install Z-LOG (more on that below), you’ll actually get three different Z-LOG styles to choose from, each designed with different looks and compatibilities in mind. Here are the three Z-LOG offerings:

  • Z-LOG Cinema: Rich, smooth tones similar to Alexa or Blackmagic cinema cameras. High level of detail. Compatible with flat LOG profiles like Canon LOG.
  • Z-LOG Cinema Sharpness Off: Turns off Nikon sharpening algorithms so that sharpness can be added and controlled in post.
  • Z-LOG L: Shadow detail and wide dynamic range friendly with more muted expression, prevents color channel clipping. Compatible with wide range of LUTs, similar to V-LOG, S-LOG and F-LOG.

How to Load Z-LOG

Nikon Z-LOG

If you’ve added third-party LOG recording (or other camera upgrades like Magic Lantern) in the past, this process should be pretty simple. All you have to do is upload your chosen picture file to a memory card then choose to load it as a custom picture style. According to EOSHD, their Nikon Z-LOG is “100% safe and not a hack.” Once loaded, you should be able to find it next to your default Nikon picture styles and be ready to go.

Price: $37.99 - and can be purchased on EOSHD’s website here.