Learning to shoot on the fly is not easy and neither is being a cinematographer and jumping into terrain without practice. Enter the Set Simulator, an interactive VR experience that allows you to control cameras, explore environments, edit moves, and more within the comfort of your production office.  

Set Simulator allows you to train people on wheels, advanced levels, and experience different live television settings to hone your skills. You can practice in real-life environments with camera setups of your choosing. You can map out a chase scene, a conversation in Times Square, or practice filming a live event like the Super Bowl. 

Some of the aspects you can control are the place, time of day, weather, lens package, size of the sensor, technocranes, light output, focal length, lighting, and shadow features. The wheels directly interface with your cameras and give you a simulation of a live broadcast or the setup of what you want to film.

This tool is also invaluable in preproduction. You can sit down with the director, DP, gaffer, etc. and do a virtual walkthrough of the venue. You can export external data and 3D formats to share with set designers and VFX people as well. Everyone gets a location to work with and can plan for anything that's happening. 

Tech Specs

  • Import CAD 
  • Import Location Photos 
  • Design personal floorplans 
  • Integrates to Google Maps to map real places 
  • Green Screen Environment 
  • Import scripts 
  • Automatic Storyboard breakdown 
  • Exports to HTML 
  • Exports to PDF 
  • Each Piece of gear sets a rental rate
  • Automatic equipment and cost list


  • $100 for the basic game 
  • $500-1000 for the wheels 
  • Subscription to the Advanced Game Coming Soon


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