The last time we saw the kids from Stranger Things, they had just defeated another monster from the upside down, and it looked like life would be chill and their adolescence would come in peace. But the Duffer brothers had other ideas. 

This trailer plays all the greatest hits, popping with 80's rock ballads and the antics of precocious kids in way over their heads. Watching these characters develop season to season has been just like growing up again. I'm interested in seeing where they take the stories this new season. We see flashes of a July 4th celebration, some sick exercise video moves, an antenna, and another disgusting monster that wants to kill everyone in its way. Cue Eleven's nosebleed. 

Yesterday Netflix dropped this tease on Twitter...

Check the trailer out below. 

My main takeaways are that the mall in Hawkins makes me miss going to the mall. but also, oh damn, those monsters are legit and this looks dark and terrifying. These kids are all growing up so fast. 

Screenshot_2019-03-20_08Credit: Netflix

They're going full 80's and embracing the craziness of the decade. 

StrangerCredit: Netflix

But maybe not fast enough for Steve's love life. 

Could there be more homages to other great coming of age movies? This picture below seems to be a bit of The Sandlot

Netflix_1_0Credit: Netflix

Nevertheless, Hawkins is in turmoil. And it's not just from the monsters. The town is really tearing itself apart. 

Netflix_2_0Credit: Netflix

And this needle shot makes me think a nefarious government group is definitely back in on the action and taking the fight to our heroes. 

Netflix_3_0Credit: Netflix

And even some other great 80's homages...

Stranger Things Season 3 drops on July 4th.