Alright, this is actually pretty awesome. KUVRD (which we have featured here on No Film School in the past) has announced that they’re working on a new version of their Universal Lens caps. Speaking from experience, lens caps can be fickle and easy to lose. These universal lens caps can solve lots of problems and allow for better protection when out on long and difficult shoots.

Let’s look at the updates for the universal lens cap 2.0 and how you can support the project’s Kickstarter.

Universal Lens Cap 2.0

Since KUVRD released its original universal lens cap, they’ve gone back to the drawing board and come up with a version 2.0. And actually - technically speaking - two new versions 2.0. The new universal lens cap 2.0 will come in both micro and “magnum” options, with updates for 25% more stretch, tighter fits, greater element protection, and colorized “x” markings on the top to keep your gear better organized.

Universal Lens Cap Micro

Universal Lens Cap Micro

For the new micro universal lens cap, it’s designed to stretch anywhere from 54mm to up to 76mm which can fit a wide range of lenses like the below.

  • Smaller Rangefinder Lenses

  • Micro 4/3rds

  • SLR

  • DSLR

  • Vintage Lenses

  • Most Medium Format

Universal Lens Cap Magnum

Universal Lens Cap Magnum

The new magnum universal lens cap is designed for telephoto and cine lenses and can stretch anywhere from 72mm to up to 122mm for a range of the following.

  • DSLR

  • Mirrorless

  • All Cine-Lenses

  • Super Telephoto

For more information, be sure to check out KUVRD’s Kickstarter and keep an eye out for the new universal lens caps 2.0 to hit online stores soon.