Welcome to the world of professional screenwriting for film and television. Thanks to a lot of hard work and organizing, you have a union that has your back. The WGA helps set forth policies that govern how you get paid, when you get paid, and what you get paid.

Sounds good?

It's is good.

These prices are listed in the WGA Schedule of Minimums.

What are the WGA minimums I can get paid?

First, congratulations on being in the WGA. If you're not in the WGA, these numbers don't reflect what your contract will look like. But keep reading, because these are the numbers you're striving to get and they can be very useful if you have to negotiate your own prices.

What else will the WGA Minimums cover?

Every job you get writing something, whether it be a treatment, outline, or rewrite, has a rate referred to in the WGA contract. They are negotiated and determined by the WGA, and change every few years. Now that we have lots of different platforms like streamers, cable, and network, these numbers will continue to change.

The union will continue to have your back and help you as you go. So feel free to reach out to them for more answers.

To see the current WGA schedule of minimums you can download them from the WGA’s website.

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Source: WGA

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