While there are probably not many filmmakers shooting with Leica M-mount lenses, if you happen to need an adapter that adds autofocus to it while using a Fujifilm X series camera body, Fotodiox has the solution. 

Part of its Pro PRONTO adapter line, the Fotodiox Pro PRONTO Autofocus Adapter, compatible with Leica M-mount to Fuji X-Series, turns the manual focus lens into an autofocus lens. Now available to pre-order for $349, the company says the adapter is ideal for focal lengths 50mm or wider. 

The adapter weighs only 1.5 lbs (680g) and is designed using robust metal materials to withstand day-to-day use. Fotodiox also makes the Pro PRONTO adapter to adapt M-mount to Sony E, which is available for $249. 

If adding autofocus isn't a worry, the company has a range of adapters to adapt M-mount for Fujifilm X, including this one for $65, or this one for $20 to adapt M-mount Rangefinder lenses to Fujifilm X.

You can pre-order the M-mount to Fujfilm X Pro PRONTO adapter on Fotodiox's website