I'm not into those personality tests that you see all over Facebook, okay? I don't care which character of The Office I am. I don't care which type of hard alcohol I am. I don't care which Disney character randomly coincides with my half-hearted introspections about my sleeping habits and social preferences...or whatever. I'm not.

However, I am into learning more about my creativity. In fact, I've never really thought about it before until I saw this quiz from Adobe.

The Creative Types test is "an exploration of the many faces of the creative personality." It was developed by Adobe in partnership with Anyways Creative and Brooklyn-based writer Carolyn Gregoire, whose work has appeared in Scientific AmericanTIMEHarvard Business Review, and The Huffington Post. The test is based on psychology research and assesses your "basic habits and tendencies...how you think, how you act, how you see the world."



The test is quick—it's just 15 questions long, and while I imagine it doesn't gather nearly enough data to really be able to ascertain specific qualities of your creativity...it's fun. Alright? It's fun. There are interesting animations between each question that coincide with the answer you give, and at the end, you get assigned a creative type, which you should look at as "a signpost pointing you toward your full creative potential," and a nice little description of said creative type. You can even download it.

I'm a Dreamer. 


So, regardless of whether this test is "legitimate" or not, it's a fun and interactive way to potentially learn a little bit about yourself. I mean, mine was pretty accurate...I'm a total idealist and romantic. This despite my many attempts at becoming a cynical asshole. I'm just naturally an idealistic asshole.

See, you can see it in action right now! I'm thinking, "Everybody's gonna rag on this article, man. They're gonna say, 'Why the hell is this on NFS,' and they'll be right. This is bulsh." But there's something inside me that says, "Nah, if they don't like it they'll pass, my love. If they're interested, they'll check it out, take the test, and be mildly amused...maybe even inspired. You're good, girl."

And here I go..."expressing my inner world through literary pursuits...because I guess I'm a Dreamer.

Whatever, take the test if you want. It's fun.

Source: My Creative Type