When Apple announced the completely overhauled Mac Pro back in June, many of us were waiting anxiously for more information about the long-awaited computing powerhouse, specifically when it would be shipping.

Yeah, Apple threw us a bone with the original announcement by giving us a very general time frame, (the Mac Pro page on Apple's website has a "Coming this Fall" tease), but Bloomberg reported yesterday that Apple told them the Mac Pro will be available "next month."

So, we now know that it's coming in December...December: literally the very last month included in the fall season. (All we all let out a collective "No dur, Apple.")

Though a specific release date hasn't yet been announced for the Mac Pro, there might be a few clues that could hint at one. MacWorld also mentions that Apple's 2013 announcement of the Mac Pro also took place in June and the official launch occurred on December 19th.

Can we expect the same now in 2019? Who knows, but winter begins December 21st, so clearly the Mac Pro must be released by then.

We'll keep you up to date on the official Mac Pro release, so stay tuned.