Today, Apple announced that its new 15" MacBook Pro is (finally) getting a whopping 8-core processor, making it the fastest MacBook Pro to date.

With faster 8th and 9th-generationIntel Intel Core processors, the company claims the new MacBook Pro will deliver two times faster performance than its quad-core MacBook Pro and 40% more performance than its 6-core MacBook Pro. 

And that's good news for editors, VFX artists, and other film industry professionals that require a lot of power under the hood of their portable computing machines (laptops).

Even though the MacBook Pro user base is incredibly diverse, including grad students and game developers alike, Apple clearly knows that those working in post-production are also MacBook Pro users who want to get their work done faster (and without crashing). Tom Boger, Apple's senior director of Mac Product Marketing states:

“Whether it’s college students mastering a course of study, developers building world-class apps or video editors creating feature films, we’re constantly amazed at what our customers do with their MacBook Pro. Now with 8-core processors for an incredible performance boost, along with its stunning Retina display, fast storage, all-day battery life and running macOS, MacBook Pro continues to be the world’s best pro notebook and we can’t wait to get it into our customer’s hands to see what they do next.”


Now that these new MacBook Pros have new processors, and combine that with their powerful graphics cards, Retina display, fast SSDs, and long battery life, it might make processing high-resolution images, rendering 3D graphics, and editing loads of 4K video a whole lot faster and easier. In fact, Apple claims that you'll be seeing 70% faster 4K exports out of Adobe Premiere Pro, 2x faster renders in Blackmagic Fusion Studio, and 2x faster Arnold renders in Maya...and not to mention you will be able to edit up to 11 simultaneous multicam streams of 4K video in Final Cut Pro X...which isn't too shabby.

And even though the 15" MacBook Pro is the only one getting beefed up in the core department, delivering Turbo Boost speeds up to 5.0 GHz, the 13" model is getting a little boost as well with faster quad-core processors with Turbo Boost speeds up to 4.7 GHz, as well as a Touch Bar. Both models also come with macOS Mojave. Also, according to The Loop, Apple has also addressed some complaints by users about the keyboard by changing the material in its butterfly mechanism.

13" and 15" models start at $1799 and $2399 respectively and are both available today through, the Apple Store app, and in select Apple Stores and authorized resellers later this week. If you want to learn more, head on over to the MacBook Pro page on Apple's website.

Source: Apple