Aputure has been rather busy with a host of new product announcements that gaffers are sure to notice. One such interesting item is the amaran SM5c Strip Light System with a 16.4-foot (5-meter) length and smart features such as being controlled by Google Assistant and Alexa via WiFi. There's also Sidus Link support. 

For those indie filmmakers and one-person crews looking for the next step up from budget lighting products like Neewer, Aputure’s amaran line may be a good option. Designed to compete in the space dominated by Philips and Razer, the amaran line provides wireless connectivity with high-performance color lighting at a competitive price point.

From Home to Set

Originating in the home space, either for providing synced color space to the back of an LCD TV or for bringing a splash of color to an otherwise boringly lit living room, lighting strips are now making their way into the toolbox of gaffers and content creators who use their imagination to put lights... well, just about anywhere.

Amaranltstrip2Credit: Aputure

This new amaran SM5c Strip Light System stands out due to operating 300 smart pixel RGB Lights across more than 100 different lighting zones along its entire 5-meter length, with built-in microphone and WiFi connectivity. Those zones can be independently controlled in five or 25 different groups and can be programmed with 21 different pixel effects for producing a smooth and ideal creative environment.

AmaransidusappCredit: Aputure

The lights have a color temperature CCT range of 3200-6500K and a frosted diffusion layer to eliminate hotspots, and they offer passive cooling at just a 20-watt maximum power output. The light strip also features support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice-activated control, and Bluetooth connectivity for support of such apps as Aputure’s Sidus Link mobile app. 

The strip isn’t DMC compatible, but several of amaran’s other products support interacting with DMX through an external accessory, so perhaps that option will be available with the SM5c as well.

Amaranltstrip5Credit: Aputure

All Mic'd Up

The SM5c’s built-in microphone is designed to pick up ambient music and then deploy lighting effects in sync with the beat. The light is also extendable to 10 meters by daisy-chaining two stips together, and with its adhesive backing, the entire system can be placed just about anywhere.

Amaranltstrip6Credit: Aputure

The SM5c was designed mainly for content creators looking to not only add a splash of multiple colors to their background lighting but also to create visual interest in the musical beat or the lighting effects, such as smooth pixel chases and continuous lighting along the entire strip light to expand your imagination.

Amaranltstrip1Credit: Aputure

A Lighting Ecosystem

The SM5c Lighting Strip System joins products like the LS 600c Pro, the LS 600d Daylight COB lights, and the LS 1200d. There are also the Nova P600c and P60c/x LED panels. All of these recent releases provide affordable lighting to low-budget independent filmmakers looking to add production value to their content creation without breaking the bank.

amaran SM5c LED Light Strip

New Release
  • Smart LED Light Strip
  • 16.4' Length
  • 3200 to 6500K Color Temperature
  • 300 RGB LEDs
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Flexible Flat Cable
  • Extendable to 32.8'
  • Sidus Link App for iOS & Android
  • Use with Alexa & Google Assistant

The SM5c may not be a solution to use from location to location, but for a long-standing set, the adhesive-backed lighting strip makes for an interesting new tool for gaffers to create more colorful lighting options.

And for $89, it’s a very affordable way to create a sense of drama to set lighting on a budget.

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Source: Aputure