Andrew Dominik is one of the most particular directors. He sees the movie he wants to make in his head, and we usually see that version on the screen.

The massively underrated The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was nominated for only a couple of Academy Awards, but it really deserved many more. When you're watching, the movie feels perfect. It's a moody and visually incredible western that is emotional, exciting, and pays off in unspeakable ways.

The film's cinematographer, Roger Deakins, once said there's another version of the movie no one has seen. Could an even longer cut be available soon?

Dominik recently told Collider some additional details.

He said, "Listen, we tried to get Warner Bros. to allow us to release a longer version of it. They’re not interested in doing it, and I think somebody tried to petition Criterion to do it. Criterion were not interested in Jesse James. There is a better version of Jesse James—in my opinion—that’s about 15 minutes longer. And that’s the one that Roger was talking about."

It's a bummer that it is under lock and key, but maybe Criterion would be able to pull it out of the WB vault and get it in front of us. It sounds legendary. 

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Source: Collider