What a journey. Atomos has finally released software for the Ninja V that allows the Panasonic S1H to record ProRes RAW in all of its glorious formats, including 5.9K in 12-bit RAW up to 30p.

The software was initially promised back in May, but a technical issue pushed it back. Atomos then rolled out a beta version of the software the same day Sony announced its a7S III, but that was handcuffed.  But today, it's here, and AtomOS version 10.52 should put a smile on Panasonic S1H shooters' faces as it unlocks all the supported external recording formats on the camera. 

Supported RAW formats: 

  • 5.9K (5888 x 3312) full-frame 16:9 at 23.98, 25, 29.97fps 12-bit
  • 4K (4128 x 2176) Super 35mm 17:9 at 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94fps 12-bit
  • 3.5K (3536 x 2656) Super 35mm anamorphic 4:3 at 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50fps 12-bit

5.9K, 4K Super 35, and 3.5K Super 35 anamorphic can all be recorded and played back over HMDI. The one thing to point out is that when recording 5.9K 30p, the HMDI loop out will be in HD, while the other formats provide an option for 4K UHD or HD. 

As previously mentioned, while shooting ProRes RAW V-Log or Rec. 709 can be selected during Live View, but when monitoring with the 3D LUT, shooters should use the LUT provided by Panasonic. Familiar assist functions including waveform monitor, vectorscope, zebra, and others can be accessed while shooting RAW as well. 

The software also adds 4K ProRes or DNX in 10-bit up to 60p for the S1H. You can download AtomOS 10.5 for free here