Atomos has swiftly released firmware update 10.63 for the Ninja V monitor-recorder that enables ProRes RAW recording on the Panasonic BGH1, the recently announced Sigma fp L, the Sony FX3, and the 8K-capable Sony Alpha 1

Panasonic BGH1

The Panasonic BGH1  is now able to record ProRes RAW when paired with the Ninja V up to 4K DCI (17:9, 4096 x 2160) and 3.7K anamorphic (4:3, 3680 x 2760) at 23.98, 25.00, 29.97, 50, and 59.94p. 

You might recall a number of Panasonic cameras receiving substantial updates via firmware, including the S1H getting Blackmagic RAW and the S1 getting 6K video. Those updates are available to download now, as you'll need to make sure the BHG1 has firmware version 2.0 to take advantage of ProRes RAW recording. Expect the S1 to receive ProRes RAW around April 6. 

Sigma fp L

Even though the camera has yet to ship, Ninja V users will be able to record ProRes RAW at 4K 30p with AtomOS version 10.63. The Sigma fp L has a newly designed 60.1-megapixel sensor and a new crop zoom function that allows you to zoom in on an image without loss of quality up to 5x depending on the frame rate. Like Panasonic cameras, the Sigma fp L also allows you to record Blackmagic RAW with the Video Assist or internal CinemaDNG RAW. 

Sony FX3

For the Sony FX3, shooters can record 4.2K ProRes RAW up to 60p. Similar to other Sony cameras, the external 16-bit linear signal is being converted to 12-bit in a visually lossless process. Additionally, you can use cropped metadata mode to transform the RAW data to a 16:9 aspect ratio to closely mirror the internal 4K UHD files. 

Sony Alpha

The 50.1-megapixel Alpha 1 can record ProRes RAW at 4.3K up to 60p. Similar to the FX3 and other Sony cameras, the external 16-bit linear signal is being converted to 12-bit in a visually lossless process. 

More importantly, AtomOS 10.63 comes with white balance and ISO metadata that allows users to adjust the slider settings in Final Cut Pro. Additionally, the updates fix a few bugs that include the ability to trigger certain cameras to record. As of firmware version 10.61, there is an activation process for ProRes RAW and Avid DNx. 

You can download AtomOS 10.63 here