The partnership between Atomos and Mavis has allowed high-end production, including livestreaming and multi-cam, to be done affordably and from anywhere on earth. It has also resulted in Mavis Pro Camera, an iOS app with 4K, 10-bit, HDR video capture, and plenty of other features and professional controls, including waveforms, anamorphic conversion, false color, and frame guides.

Atomos Cloud Studio will include three cloud-based instant video and live stream services, Atomos Capture to Cloud, Atomos Live Production, and Atomos Stream.

Atomos Capture to Cloud

With the new Live Production feature, filmmakers and content creators will be able to share footage with producers and the post-production team anywhere in the world. Atomos Live Production supports several cloud services, including the popular (with its new Camera to Cloud feature), and also multiple cameras from different manufacturers. It virtually eliminates the need to offload clips from cards, back them up, and then manually upload the footage to a cloud server.

Frameio_atomos_fb_altCredit: ATOMOS

One of the secrets of Capture to Cloud is Atomos AirGlu, allowing for communication between various devices, wireless timecode lock, and streamlines and simplifies multi-cam production. It also includes Atomos UltraSync, making it so easy for synchronization that it won't matter what size the multi-camera production is.

The dual record feature via Atomos Connect or Shogun Connect allows for high-res clips (DNxHR/HD, Apple ProRes, and with the Ninja V+ and Shogun Connect, ProRes RAW) and HEVC (H.265) proxy recordings, with the same name and timecode, all via We'll discuss this feature in more detail in a separate article.

Atomos Live Production

High-quality and professional live multi-camera—or remote—production doesn't have to come with a large price tag. Atomos Live Production offers that type of service at a fraction of the cost, with tools that include a video switcher and sound mixer, plus graphics, video effects, and talkback.

Atomos_connect_rearCredit: ATOMOS

Live Production supports different cameras from multiple manufacturers, from the iPhone all the way up to high-end broadcast cameras, and includes timecode sync. While using the Atomos Connect or Shogun Connect, video feeds stream to Live Production, using an ultra-low-latency protocol to be controlled from anywhere in the world via an iPad app, browser, or compatible control panel.

It takes remote production to a new level, since anyone, located anywhere in the world, can produce, direct, mix, and more. Talkback allows for easy and direct communication via an iPhone, again, from anywhere in the world.

Atomos Stream

Finally, Atomos Stream features an all-in-one solution to deliver livestreams from any Atomos network-enabled device. These include the new Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+ or the Shogun Connect.

Broadcasting live to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, and other platforms is very easy with Atomos Stream. Streamers and content creators will be able to "restream" to multiple services, all at once. It also features powerful encryption to ensure streams are secure and the data is protected.

As with Atomos Live Production, multiple cameras from different manufacturers are supported, including high-end broadcast units, mirrorless or DSLRs, and even iPhones or other iOS devices.

The Numbers and Dates

Atomos Cloud Studio will be previewed at NAB 2022 and will launch in June 2022 at different subscription pricing tiers, including a free version or a tier for under $10 USD per month.

There will also be a 90-day free trial to take Cloud Studio for a virtual spin. Learn more about Atomos Cloud Studio here.


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