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4-Week Summer Photography course (3rd May to 2nd June 2017)

Want to discover your "other side" this summer
4-Week Summer Photography course
(3rd May to 2nd June 2017)
MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE, Chennai, a venture of Rajiv Menon, Director-Cinematographer, besides its regular courses on Cinematography and Screenwriting, is launching the 4-Week Summer Photography course for the serious beginners.
The 4-Week Summer Photography course for the serious beginners is an exploration of photography in the digital age and students learn how to get the most out of their cameras while being creative in the process. Also understanding how the camera operates and why they can get certain effects with specific settings. An opportunity to aspiring candidates who have a passion and desire for photography, to gain a deeper appreciation of one's creativity, explore effective avenues of Photography, discover and develop skills for better image projection, tricks and techniques of effective photography. The course is designed for a wide range of audience ranging from individuals with interests in Photography for any professional willing to explore what goes into the creation of beautiful images, Heritage images. You will receive an in-depth study of composition; concepts and techniques, helping you create and capture your creative vision through your lens. We will review everything from equipment and exposure settings, to how to find those stunning places and "work" a scene.
The Philosophy behind the course has been to awaken the creative photographer hidden in many people who have not had the opportunity to explore photography as a career. These are people who love taking pictures but have been baffled by the technologies involved in digital photography, or those who are inspired by the beauty of what they see but are frustrated that they cannot transform that experience into a great picture. The course is meant to guide such people and give them a start in the right direction.
Course Content:
Camera - Basics
Understanding Digital Photography
Exposure Controls
Lens & Optics
Light sources and Control of Light
Composing Elements
Creating a Portrait - In Studio & Locations
Working with Electronic Flash
Studio Lighting Methods
Architecture & Light
Product Photography
Street Photography
Working with Photography Software
Digital Processing Techniques
This 4 Weeks course is designed to provide basic knowledge in understanding Photography, know about the equipment, Exposure control, Composition techniques, understanding Light and Post processing techniques of images.
4-Week Summer Photography course
(3rd May to 2nd June 2017)
3rd May to 2nd June 2017
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