January 11, 2015 at 6:10AM


4K or 2K or Full HD?

Should we embrace 4K today or should we wait and watch?

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Shoot 4K to deliver 1080 HD.

Right now the only way to deliver 4K footage in on a hard-drive or 4K web-streaming service, so for most current work it makes sense to shoot 4K and deliver as 1080 HD.

By shooting 4K you have the advantage of...

- Being able to re-frame in post ( including animated pans )
- Doubling the amount of detail in your 1080 HD footage when it gets downscaled from 4K.
- Reduced image noise when downscaling your 4K footage to 1080 HD.
- Increased color information when downscaling your 4K footage ( 1080 HD 4:4:4 color )

At CES 2015 last week Panasonic and Sony announced 4K blu-ray players, so over the next two years I expect to see 4K blu-ray become a viable delivery platform. ( this will probably require a software update or upgrade to be able to master 4K blu-ray discs )

4K is not going away any time soon.

January 11, 2015 at 1:11PM

Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

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