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Apply for New Reality TV Show – Send Us Your Video Submissions!

Two established, award-winning production companies seek contestants for a new reality TV show.

Have you ever thought that you or someone you know could have their own series? And you’re the perfect person to create it?

Here’s your chance to sit in the director’s chair!

The show’s premise is that everyone has a concept for a reality TV show. Selected participants will pitch their reality series idea to a panel of seasoned show producers. Contestants will compete for the ultimate prize: producing a pilot episode of their idea.

All unscripted TV genres are acceptable, including competition, dating, makeover, adventure, etc. Winning concepts will feature big, bold personalities; storylines with compelling twists and turns; conflict; and drama that develops over a season-long arc.

To apply, you will need to submit an on-camera “elevator pitch” not to exceed 30 seconds, explaining why your idea is a winner. You will also need to submit a video reel of your reality TV show subject that is no longer than 90 seconds. (If you are both producer and on-camera talent, you will still need to submit two clips).

You will also need to complete a legal release document for your submission to be considered. In order to obtain the legal release, please email realitygoldsubmissions@gmail.com with “Requesting Legal Release” in the subject line.

A professionally made video is not required. Video from camera phones is acceptable. After you have obtained, reviewed and completed the legal release document, please upload all videos to a popular video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Send the links in an email to realitygoldsubmissions@gmail.com with “Reality Gold Submission – [Your Name and Date]” in the subject line. In your email, please also include your full name, location, age and completed/signed Reality Gold Submission Legal Release.*

*Please note that a picture copy of the entire legal agreement scanned or otherwise, must be included with your submission in order for it to be considered. Producers will not contact you if agreement is incomplete or missing. All required signatures must be physically signed; electronic signatures will not be accepted.

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Competition open to anyone nationwide!
Submission Deadline: Friday, June 5 at 4 p.m. CST

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