May 26, 2016 at 5:44AM

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Cine Lens Recomendations? Has anyone played with the XEEN's much?

So, I want to invest in some cine lenses. Shot pretty much all on DSLR lenses (with my favourite being the Sigma 35mm ART F1.4). I'm honestly really excited about the XEEN lenses from Samyang/Rokinon. They look really quite good and the price is very affordable for cinema glass. I've looked at a few comparisons between the XEEN and CP2's and other then some more obvious lens flares on the Zeiss... The XEEN's did a really good job.

Has anyone shot much with them? Links would be great! I could pick up some second hand cine glass from Zeiss for almost the same price.

I shoot on an FS700 & A7s but probably looking to move to the new Panasonic VariCam LT later this year.

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I'm curious for a straight-forward answer on whether or not these optics are new or if the XEENs are truly just rehoused Rokinon Cine lenses. I've seen a lot of people going around forums saying that they're just rehoused. I've also seen an article here on NFS saying that the optics are new from the ground up:

"Optically these new lenses are built completely from the ground up and use Rokinon X coating for minimizing flare."

I've wanted to try the XEENs out as well, but I wasn't too keen on buying a rehoused product. Does anybody have a real answer? Not conjecture?

I'm also curious, is the second hand cine glass available from Zeiss directly or somewhere else?

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RJ Ortiz

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