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Cinema Camera around £2000

I am looking for a cinema camera for around the £2000 mark, and I have been looking at the Black Magic Cinema Camera and the Black Magic URSA Mini 4k. Both cost around the same, however I am aware that the URSA requires expensive batteries and CFAST cards. As an Indie filmmaker I am purely looking for that cinematic image quality, so dynamic range is really important to me. The BMCC has 13 stops of dynamic range, whilst the URSA only has 12. Has anyone had experience using both and can advise which one they prefer? Or if theres a completely different camera that is worth buying!
Thanks a lot!

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I've used the Black Magic Production 4k Camera, it's very solid and the raw image is awesome to work with (although it requires a TON of storage space). The pitfalls were the battery life is unacceptable in the camera itself (maybe 20 minutes) and it requires to to buy an external battery, which then requires a camera rig to support the battery. Also the screen is not the best and the one we used seemed to have a green cast to it. Might have just been our unit but I'm not sure.

We also rented a regular URSA for a couple of days and while I'm not sure how much the URSA and the URSA mini can be compared the URSA's built in screen was much nicer and the all in one kind of design was nice. But those CFast cards are expensive still, and you still have to buy an add on battery. (Although that one doesn't require a rig since it locks onto the camera.

The big question is how long are you willing to wait? URSA mini still hasn't shipped and got delayed again I believe, while the BMPC is available now.

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