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Confused about Workflow??

Hey guys, I have a question about post production workflow? How do you guys handle it and in what order? Up to this point for me it has been cutting together the video, then audio, then color correction. Three basic steps. But now I am wanting to get more into visual effects. I have the Adobe Suite and never really considered After Effects part of my everyday work flow until I read that some people take their Premiere Sequences into After Effects for their color grading? This never really occurred to me to do that, but I guess the logic is when incorporating VFX it makes everything easier(?). I've also started looking at doing work in DaVinci Resolve as I have the computer specs to use it now. When I first started in video Resolve was strictly a color tool, but now some people are swearing by its ability as a fully capable NLE for not just color but cutting video as well as VFX.

So what do you guys think? What is your workflow like when working with color and some small VFX? Do you start in one program and switch to another? Or do you try to do everything in one program like Premiere and switch when you have to (say 2D animation in AE)?


I am not sure about the advantages of staying inside the ecosystem. There are typically some to staying in group of programs, such as the adobe suite.

Typically vfx are broken out and done before a color pass.

I would say until Adobe really up the ante on color Resolve is where you should finish your color passes. It has also become good enough to many editorial tasks on feature films.

I haven't seen effective VFX in resolve. After effects and Nuke are the two I've seen.

Those are my 2 cents

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I forgot about Fusion, the effects program (also free) that goes with Resolve. Looks powerful with some 3D VFX capabilities, but I'm way too comfortable in the layers and keyframes of Adobe that I don't think I could bring myself to learn a new way! I've seen some very nice compositing work done in After Effects whereas Fusion seems to be more about more advanced and professional effects including the addition of 3D elements and models into your footage.

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I haven't used fusion though I really should. Node based image generation is a revelation. Once you grok it you wish more image editing could be that way.

If you are comfortable with a program it makes sense to use it. They can all do the same things, just with different levels of effort.

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