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Deciding your place in Film/videography

I am looking towards being a family man; being home to see my wife and kid. I also want to make great moving films. I'm at a crossroads currently where I will have to either find a balance or pick one over the other. My question is: how can the balance be made to make great art and have a great family life? And has anyone here settled for a less spectacular job and been happy because their family came first?

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I have had this thought many times over the last couple of years. Having previously felt that I am not working hard enough towards that goal of filmmaking, it's easy to forgo a balanced life with friends & family.

The crux of the matter for me, is that I was not working hard enough with the time I had. So whilst I haven't achieved it, I am now working more actively towards it and I think that it is possible to have both. I have to earn a crust in video production land which I do, but every day I do something towards my filmmaking goal in the morning, and now push myself to do something in the evening instead of binge watching suits on Netflix. Every day.

With a better habit, I've already made more strides towards my goal in the last month than I had in the six months prior.

That's the only input I can offer, am I still moving slow towards my goals? Sure, but I at least have a balanced life knowing that every day I inch closer to the dream.

Hopefully that makes some sort of coherent sense!

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Nick Kelly

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