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DJI Focus vs Cinegears


For a while now I'm researching about the single-channel wireless follow focus systems that are available at the moment, and there are two systems that are interesting for me:
The DJI Focus and the Cinegears wireless follow focus.
They are both very similarly priced and there are multiple positive reviews online about both of them, though I can't find a real comparison between them anywhere.
At the moment I am leaning towards the DJI because it looks like it would feel better to hold for a whole day in your hand and because it has the possibility of integration to the Inspire-system.
Is here anyone who knows both systems and can give some pros and cons?

Thanks in advance,

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Oh and 2 things I forgot to mention:
- If someone has experience with only one of these two systems I really would love to hear what you can say about them!
- I know that there is another one made by Redrock Micro that is also in this price range, but I have worked with that one and it definitely is not an option for me. It feels cheap and is not reliable at all doing whatever it wants and it's even slightly more expensive...

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