The 2024 Apple Event is taking the tech and filmmaking world by storm with impressive updates from for popular hardware like the new iPad Pro, a fancy brand new Pencil Pro, and updates to their audio software Logic Pro.

If that isn't enough news, Apple is also making a conscious effort to make a name for itself in the NLE arms race to compete against the likes of Premiere Pro, AVID, and DaVinci with the release of the new Final Cut Camera app and updates to Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad.

Read on below to know more about how Final Cut Pro is innovating workflows for Mac and iPad.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2

| Apple

The impressive updates for Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 essentially turn your iPad into a portable production studio. This is handy as can be for everything from small commercial shoots where you may need to turn around something quick for a client.

For film specifically, this could be the perfect tool for a DIT to quickly test a look for a shot, or make a quick cut to make sure a tricky camera move is playing the way you want it to.

Check out all the new features below:

  • Live Multicam: utilizes the new Final Cut Camera app to allow filmmakers to seamlessly capture and cut up to four camera angles sourced from other Apple devices.
  • Final Cut Camera: allows iPhone and iPad to enable live monitoring and individual control of each video feed.
  • External Project Support: gives users the power to easily create or open projects on an external storage device and import media without taking up space on their iPad.
  • More Ways to Customize: dial in their edits with 12 new color-grading presets, choose from eight basic text titles, score with 20 new soundtracks, and add additional dynamic backgrounds to create effect overlays and title sequences.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 will be available later this spring as a free update for existing users, and available on the App Store for $4.99 (U.S.) per month or $49 (U.S.)per year, with a one-month free trial for new users.

Final Cut Pro for Mac 10.8

Final Cut Pro

| Apple

As we covered with the introduction of the new M4 chip for Apples upcoming new line of Macs, the next generation of Apple products will focus heavily on AI. With updates from Premiere leaning in that direction as well it's no surprise Final Cut Pro is up to bat for an AI makeover.

Check out the new features:

  • Enhance Light and Color, offering the ability to improve color, color balance, contrast, and brightness in one simple step, and is optimized for SDR, HDR, RAW, and Log-encoded media.
  • Smooth Slo-Mo, frames of video are intelligently generated and blended together, providing the highest-quality movement and more drama to a project.
  • Color corrections and video effects can now be given custom names in the inspector to easily identify changes applied to a clip, and effects can be dragged from the inspector to other clips in the timeline or viewer.
  • Timeline index will now offer the ability to search for and navigate to clips with missing media or effects
  • Text-based timeline search now includes important information like reel, scene, camera angle, and more.

Final Cut Pro for Mac 10.8 will be available as a free update for existing users and for $299.99 (U.S.) for new users on the Mac App Store. All new users can download a free 90-day trial of Final Cut Pro.

[Via Apple]