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Hiring crew in NY to work with French director

French director in New York for a commercial shoot intended for the web. The concept revolves around dance battles in three different locations in NY.

I am looking for a DP with a small crew. This job is ideal for an independent DP who is a good technician and cinematographer, and can work on a strict budget. Good knowledge of the city is a big plus.

Requirements for DP:
- Decide with the director on the right camera and equipment for the project
- Help with negotiations with rental houses
- Validate end developed list shots
- Evaluate locations with director
DP should be versatile and flexible to help accomplish the project. Good spirits and motivation will go a long way during both recruitment and production.

Please send a brief resume and demo reels. I will be conducting interviews starting next week.

I am also looking for:

1. Hair and makeup person. Key words for this project are: fashion, dancers, funk, hip-hop, ghetto.

You should:
- Be able to handle hair and makeup for the dancers, two at a time.
- Arrange your own supplies.
Crew will be working for a French production company with individual contracts.

2. Seamstress for before or on location clothing adjustments

3. Location manager with a driver permit.

Send applications to:

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Do you look in stage32?

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Ragüel Cremades
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