February 2, 2018 at 4:47PM

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Introducing Viewly - adfree platform for auteurs and the "pro youtuber" generation

Hi guys,

I'm head of marketing at Viewly and I wanted to introduce you guys to what we are building, which is a blockchain based video platform for higher end content. In particular we want to fix the injustice of someone who spends an assload of time/money/years slaving away on weekends on high production value stuff being equated view-wise to the same payouts as another random vlogger ranting into a cheap webcam without even any proper lighting. If you're making really awesome stuff where you'd never see your cost repaid in ad dollars on youtube or you're specifically saving this kind of thing that you've already done because it makes no sense to practically give it away for free on youtube then yes I'd like to talk to you

Our website is at https://view.ly/ and its currently built more for the cryptocurrency audience than for animators or filmmakers so if you're not into crypto, dont feel bad for being lost when you check it out. Also just to show you guys we're not full of it with just a website, we've built a tech proof of concept alpha a half year ago https://alpha.view.ly/ . From the front end it doesnt look any different to Youtube but the back end is completely decentralized, meaning that anyone can be a node in the network and host videos and earn from doing so as well. We've already gotten that part working but that particular alpha is not really representative of where we are going which is more Netflix than Youtube. Also before others ask, our platform cut will be less than 5%. Again the benefits of being blockchain based :)

Anyhow, the main purpose of this post is to reach out to creatives like yourselves and talk to creators who might be a good fit for us e.g. those looking to do a web series or any other kind of project where you're better off monetizing it directly. We will have a billion ways to do that thanks to the magic of smart contracts but again.. trying to stay away from the crypto jargon for now.

If this sounds interesting, please leave a comment below about why you think this works for you, project you have or are working on that might be a good fit and youtube/vimeo channel link if you have one. Or if you have questions.

PS one more thing ;) We also have an experimental pilot grant that I'm working on that's worth up to 10k (realistically we are targeting 5k USD) in tokens to help fund or at least subsidise pilot projects that can lead to "something greater" i.e a music video that kicks off a whole album, an animated short or fan film that coud develop into a series or a movie. Like one of those Adi Shankar-like trailers ;)

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