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Keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly investing in PAT

Owning a home based baking business is as hard as it is but when you expand it into a commercial venture, the job gets tougher. Not only do you have to supply freshly baked/ cooked items but you also have to make sure all your commercial kitchen appliances are in an optimum working condition. While you can ask all your kitchen staff to maintain all the appliances regularly, it is only understandable that you, yourself can keep an eye on only a few things. For this reasons, opting for portable appliance testing is the best option.

Let us take a look at how you can maintain your appliances optimally and which appliances need regular testing.

Checking and Testing Time Intervals

Not all appliances need regular testing but on the other hand, some do. While you can get your refrigerator checked annually by a professional portable appliance tester, however, you will have to get small kitchen appliances tested every 6 months. The time intervals truly depend upon the size of the appliance. The idea is to keep your commercial kitchen safe from being classified as 'Open to abuse', only to leave your reputation ruined. Hence, it is advised to get all your portable appliances tested and tagged every 6 months while you can get your non portable appliances tested annually. Since you might get caught up in other obligations when your renewal date is nearing, it is best to hire a professional so that he tests each appliance within the given deadline according to the lawful standards so that you don’t owe any fines or extra charges.

Which Appliances need Testing?

Believe it or not, all your kitchen electrical appliances require testing and tagging. While you might believe your commercial microwave is in a perfect working condition, it is only then you can know it for sure when a professional confirms its status post testing. Nonetheless, if you feel unsure about which appliances to get tested, here is a list to get you started.

· Deep Fryers
· Meat Mincer
· Food Weighing Scales
· Mixers
· Blenders
· Coffee Machines
· Toasters
· Sandwich Makers
· Bread Slicers
· Microwaves
· Ovens
· Refrigerators
· Freezers
· Drink Chillers

This is a basic appliance list which needs regular testing. If your commercial kitchen has other appliances which are not mentioned in the list, you should get them tested as well.

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