December 15, 2014 at 7:22AM


Looking for a camera - uncommon needs though...

My gh2 is at the end of his road and served me really well. I'm thinking to retire it and use it as a b-cam until it dies.

I'm not to heavily invested in Panasonic glass, I mostly used vintage glass with an adapter so I'm not necessarily looking at the same system. I was very happy with the gh2 though.

I also own a sony alpha 77v kit but I barely use it. It is too big and too heavy (with the 16-50mm f2.8 lens) to lug a whole day around with a small rig. It also grabs too much (unwanted) attention as I often go film less than awesome neighborhoods in Brazil. So I'm selling that one.
I'm mostly filming street/graffiti/mma and skateboarding documentaries.

I'm looking for a new camera
- mirrorless or small form factor, no dslr
- external mic jack
- I need full hd, good image, 4k is nice but not necessary
- has a fisheye for its system
- slow motion, at least 60 fps but 120 fps (even 720p) is preferable
- weatherproof is a nice extra, but it has to be solid (my gh got beaten more than an old whore by her pimp and still works like a marvel)
- not too expensive (not sony a7s domain)

It is also important that is does not overheat (I used to have this with the sony nex3 back in the days)

What do you suggest?

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