October 12, 2018 at 12:27PM

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Screenplay Available or Director/Filmmaker Needed to Work on Script

I’m a writer from Brooklyn who has written and edited to death a glorious screenplay called, “DRUNK”. I would be looking to either sell my script or work with someone else to get the film made together.
The logline goes, “A hooch-hating terrorist implants a low-BAC-triggered bomb in an alcoholic cop, who must work with his partner to save his life and beat the terrorists, all while remaining drunk enough to not set off the bomb.”

It’s fun, action-packed, and original; if I had to describe it, it’s like if Crank and Speed made a baby during Beerfest.

You should have a sense of humor and have some experience with making trailers or short films and either have done, or wish to make a feature-length film. You should also be willing to do some travel and go with me to film festivals to schmooze and help promote what we create after it’s done.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email with a link to or a file that has any films you’ve done and I’ll send you back a copy of my screenplay, so that should give you a solid sample of my writing. I’m willing to put in whatever time is required in working with the filmmaking team to get this made, or at least get some version of it (trailer, short film, etc.) out there that could be used to acquire funding to get the feature-length version made. This film would kill at the festival circuits and has the makings of a cult flick.

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