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Videos on Youtube look darker

I am writing this post to see if anyone can help me on this. I just need your opinion and if possible, an explanation to the following:


This walking to do color treatment has these things . A dude gets more picky with what one sees . And after hearing some comments like : " - This video is dark," I noticed that a video I posted on youtube is indeed darker when it plays in any other mode rather than HD 1080p high definition .
Not sure if this is only happening to me but in fact there is considerable loss of light intensity on the video .
I am sending in attachment three print screens from the last video I posted on youtube. Please note that I am using chrome browser.
one is with the video playing at the highest quality 1080p HD
Other is a print screen of the same video but I selected lower quality to play the video 720p or 480p.
Here is the result (there are 3 images, so click on the arrows to see the other two) :

You can easily do the test with other videos . Just use the following url :

and change the following parameters :
" HD1080 " switch to 720p , 480p or 360p
" lg9eTSEAbNA " switch to the ID of the video you want to see/play .

I would appreciate if you tell me it 's the same with you . Thank you !

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Apparently, YouTube changes luminance levels. When I edit in Sony Vegas I always change my video tracks light values from Computer RGB to Studio RGB, which YouTube should shift back to Computer RGB. If you don't, it will crush blacks and raise up highlights. Here's a post about it:

And this:

Here's what the poster says in the second link: "YouTube is expecting Studio RGB output. That's why the footage from your camera looked fine. That's why DNxHD RGB looked fine. They are both Studio RGB. If you render to Computer RGB it will look fine on your computer. If you send Computer RGB to YouTube it will blindly assume that it's Studio RGB and make it darker to match Computer RGB. Only send YouTube Studio RGB video."

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